Monday, February 14, 2011

Volume 1: Day 3

Day Three:

Today I explored a cave.

Right, let me explain.
When I woke up this morning, my back hurt yet again. (I really need a bed...) so I wasn't in the mood to swim around. So, I made a boat. I took the boat out to the spot where I had found the iron and began digging with my BRAND NEW STONE PICKAXE. Sadly, the vein only had around five blocks.
Luckily, behind the vein was pure awesomeness. A cave!

It was simply beautiful.
I placed a few torches to light up the cave, and dove down into the water. When I surfaced, I couldn't believe my eyes.

Coal! Craploads of it! It had to be around twenty lumps in that vein alone.
I kept exploring the cave, I found around four more blocks of iron. Luckily, it opened up onto the surface, near the spot where I had cut down those trees. So, I headed home with my riches.

When I got home, I made a few more torches, and a few more blocks of sandstone. I arranged them on the front of my house to make a porch of sorts. I also decided to begin construction on a storage closet. I only got the wall up before the sun rose. I'll have to finish it tomorrow.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Volume 1: Home Sweet Home (2)

Day Two:

Today was not a very eventful day.
When I woke up, I was covered in sand. Some of it was even in my mouth...
After washing that out, I decided to scale some of the nearby dunes. I found lots and lots of sand.

After climbing down off the hill, I decided to go for a relaxing swim.
Stripping off (What was left of...) my clothes, I dove in. The water was salty, and smelled the part. I swam a fair deal away from my house. Obviously, the gods (or some other cosmic force...) were shining on me, for I found an iron vein. Just out in the open.

Sadly, my current pick was not of high enough quality to mine the material successfully.
So I began searching the area for stone.
I got lucky and found some on the sandbar directly next to my home.

After digging it all up, It was beginning to get dark, so I headed back home. I just finished the pick, and am about to go to sleep.

I really need a better bed... sleeping on sand isn't fun.
Though, I suppose it's better than stone or dirt.

Volume One: Home Sweet Home (1)

Day One

I woke up on a beach. I was surrounded by desserts, sand dunes, and water.
I thought it odd for a desert to actually have water, but I shoved the thought aside: It was time to figure out how to survive the situation I found myself in, not think about biome sciences.

I dug up a few of the sand dunes to get materials to make sandstone.

After doing that, I began construction of my shelter.
After finishing with the roof, I went to the nearby forest to gather some wood for a door.
On the way, I noticed some sugar cane growing by the water. I picked it for use later.

Finally, I constructed a workbench from my wood, and built a door and a few simple tools using that.

I was proud of myself.
Soon after I placed the door, night fell, and I went inside to sleep and write this entry.