Saturday, February 12, 2011

Volume 1: Home Sweet Home (2)

Day Two:

Today was not a very eventful day.
When I woke up, I was covered in sand. Some of it was even in my mouth...
After washing that out, I decided to scale some of the nearby dunes. I found lots and lots of sand.

After climbing down off the hill, I decided to go for a relaxing swim.
Stripping off (What was left of...) my clothes, I dove in. The water was salty, and smelled the part. I swam a fair deal away from my house. Obviously, the gods (or some other cosmic force...) were shining on me, for I found an iron vein. Just out in the open.

Sadly, my current pick was not of high enough quality to mine the material successfully.
So I began searching the area for stone.
I got lucky and found some on the sandbar directly next to my home.

After digging it all up, It was beginning to get dark, so I headed back home. I just finished the pick, and am about to go to sleep.

I really need a better bed... sleeping on sand isn't fun.
Though, I suppose it's better than stone or dirt.

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