Saturday, February 12, 2011

Volume One: Home Sweet Home (1)

Day One

I woke up on a beach. I was surrounded by desserts, sand dunes, and water.
I thought it odd for a desert to actually have water, but I shoved the thought aside: It was time to figure out how to survive the situation I found myself in, not think about biome sciences.

I dug up a few of the sand dunes to get materials to make sandstone.

After doing that, I began construction of my shelter.
After finishing with the roof, I went to the nearby forest to gather some wood for a door.
On the way, I noticed some sugar cane growing by the water. I picked it for use later.

Finally, I constructed a workbench from my wood, and built a door and a few simple tools using that.

I was proud of myself.
Soon after I placed the door, night fell, and I went inside to sleep and write this entry.

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